Client Testimonials:

   Just a note to say how much I appreciate the excellent work and attention I received from your company. I feel lucky to have had you recommended to me when I went shopping for a new TV. I did not know exactly what I wanted, nor what would work in my space. One hour with your staff and a plan starting to come to mind. Thank goodness you all know what you are doing!!!
  I sure did not know anything, and could have been taken advantage of, and not had a clue. Not for a minute did I feel you were not working on making sure I had the best possible set up, one that would work for me. Everyone I met, and all the work done was professional, and expertly done. Your staff came up with several brilliant ideas that I know made more work for them, but made it perfect for me. I am more then thrilled with the end result, and given that I started out without the slightest idea, I now have something I could not have envisioned on my own, but is a dream! I will recommend you every time I get complimented on the system I have, thanks to you. Throughout the entire relationship, from the first time I entered your business, to coming home today to find the finishing beautiful touch, you have done what you said, (and more).
My Thanks!

Dear Barry,
  We wanted to express our appreciation for your excellent service at Jerry's AV.
  Before coming to see you, we had spent a good deal of time searching the internet and the box stores, not finding what we wanted, and becoming frustrated with all the contradictory help and information. It was nice to deal with a professional who knows the facts about the ever-changing audio-visual technology and was able to adapt his wares to meet our needs.
   We were able to stay within our budget and you even saved us some money by suggesting one, rather than two speakers in the back wall. Our TV and surround sound ended up being exactly what we wanted, and they look and sound great.
  The installation was excellent. Vince and Kirk were able to pull off and reattach our baseboards without damaging them. They also arrived when they said they would and cleaned up after themselves.
   We're also extremely pleased with the cabinet which was built for us by Knightsbridge Cellars.
   We would recommend your business to anyone in the market for a home theatre system.
Yours truly,
J. and R., Barrie

Hi Barry
  Just wanted to let you know the awesome job you did of setting up my Anthem processor/HT system. Later on Saturday when it got quiet, I played some of my favourite CD's/DVD's and the differences were night and day. Even listening to music through Sat receiver was notably different/better.
  The typical statement of hearing things now that was not there before. Even the picture on my TV was cleaner and clearer, I could see into shadows and before just a black mass. I guess things a very good when you loose track of time watching movies/music and realize it is now 3:00 in the morning and time for bed. Accordingly, things should continue to improve as the processor/amp break in and smooth out more. These findings so far are without the ARC being done yet.
  I was disappointed when finding out a pair of my favourite interconnects were pouched but I guess that is what keeps the industry in business. I will keep you in mind when it comes time for zone 2 and 3 which we have a plan for.
Again, thank you.

Hi Barry/Neil
Just a note to thank you guys for your installation process. Neil arrived right on time and hooked everything up and in doing so overcame a wiring problem that I had created, so that was great.